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Reboot a remote server from the command line (CMD)

Updated: Jan 24

Farewell, hello team! So today a super short little article which explains how to restart a remote server using the command line (CMD).

The shutdown command

Windows has a built-in shutdown command called "shutdown". It can be used to stop or restart a local or remote machine.

To use this command, simply open a CMD.

The details of this command are obtained by typing "shutdown /?" in a CMD.

Here is a list of the most used functions:

  • /s - turn off the machine

  • /r - restart the machine

  • /m - specify a remote computer

  • /l - do not log

  • /t - The time in seconds before stopping or rebooting.

  • /c - A comment that appears on the machine's reboot or shutdown screen.

Here are some examples:

Shutdown of a machine

shutdown /s

Instant restart of a thing

shutdown /r /t 00

Instant restart of a remote machine

shutdown /r /m \\yourRemoteServer /t 0

There you go, enjoy! 😉



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