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Quickly deploy an RDS server

Here is a short step-by-step guide explaining how to quickly deploy an RDS server. In my case, I will use this server to publish applications to a web portal. These applications will be installed on the RDS server and will be downloadable from the web applications portal. All the PCs on my network will be able to download and run them but this will use the resources of the server and not the PCs. In addition, it saves me from having to configure the application on each PC, I configure it only once on the server. 😎


  • The server must be a member of a domain

Installing RDS

On a Windows server go to "Server Manager" and click "Manage" > "Add Roles and Features"


Choose "Remote Desktop Service Installation"

Choose "Quick Start"

The "Quick Start" installs all necessary roles (broker, remote desktop host and web access) on the same server.

We will choose Session-based desktop deployment. (I don't need virtual desktops)


Check the "Restart the destination server" then Deploy

Installation... The server will restart one or more times during installation.


Congratulations you have installed an RDS server! Enjoy! 😎

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