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How to replace the disks of a QNAP NAS with larger ones?

Hello everyone,

Today, a quick article to explain how to increase the storage of a QNAP NAS. To make it simple, we will replace the old disks with larger ones. (official article here )

Log in to QTS with your administrator account and go to "Storage and Snapshots" > "Storage" > "Storage/Snapshots".

Select your pool or volume (3) then click on "Manage" (4) then "Manage" (5) and "Replace disks one by one" (6).

Select the disk you want to replace first then click replace:

You can now remove the disk:

And insert the new one which has a greater capacity:

After inserting the new disk you have to wait for the reconnection, there will be the first beeps right after inserting the new disk:

Then it will beep again to indicate that it has started rebuilding the RAID:

You must now wait for the RAID reconstruction to complete before replacing the next one.

Once the RAID has finished rebuilding, repeat the steps above to replace the next hard drive(s).

Once all disks have been replaced, you must wait again for the RAID to be rebuilt.

Here the RAID is rebuilt!

Now we only have one thing left to do, expand our RAID.

To do this, click on “Extend capacity” to increase the RAID capacity.

Then “OK”

It will launch the enlargement task with synchronization.

Once this task is completed, everything will be in order and you will have successfully expanded your RAID! Congratulations !

Enjoy! 😎

AlexIn Tech


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