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Creation of a mini Datacenter under Unraid OS

Client: Personal project

Project description: This project consisted of setting up a mini datacenter and running UnraidOS on it with various services in the form of Docker containers.

Date: January 2, 2023


During this project I built a server from A to Z by choosing the various components. Once that was done I installed the Unraid OS operating system and configured various services on it. This server has two 14TB disks, including 1 disk dedicated to the partition. There are therefore 14TB usable on this mini Datacenter and this can easily be increased. In addition, this Datacenter has a 2TB cache in the form of NVME SSD flash memory.

A second 2TB cache disk will be added soon for redundancy as well as a 3rd 14TB disk in order to increase the useful volume from 14TB to 28TB.

On this project there are multiple services that run in the form of a Docker container.



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