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Create a domain on Windows Server 2019

This short guide will explain how to create a domain on Windows Server 2019. To do this we will install the "Active Directory Domain Service" which stores information about users, computers and other devices on the network. AD DS helps administrators securely manage this information and facilitates collaboration between users in the same domain.


In "Server Manager" , click on "Manage" then "Add Roles and Features"


Choose "Role-based or feature-based installation"

Choose your server then Next

Select "Active Directory Domain Services" then click on "Add Features" then Next

We are not going to add any features, click on Next



Installation... When it is completed, click on "Close".

In Server Manager, click on "AD DS". A message informs us that we need to configure it, click on "More..."

Click on "Promote this server to a domain..."

In our case I do not have a forest or domain, so I will create a new forest in which there will be my root domain "POC.local" . You can name it whatever you want, I chose POC for Proof Of Concept.

Here, leave on the functional level of 2016. In addition, we will leave the addition of the DNS Role checked. We need to create our DSRM password.

We don't need DNS delegation at the moment, so let's move on, click on "Next"

The name NetBIOS, for me I leave it like that, Next

We will use the default paths, Next


Now it will carry out a check of the prerequisites, if everything is green we can install


After installation the server reboot

Congratulations, the installation is now complete! All that remains is to log in with the Admin account which is now the domain admin account.


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