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An unusual case of support: The ghost computer that wakes up at night!

Hi everyone, it's Alexis from AlexIn.Tech! Today I'm going to share with you a support experience that left me perplexed. Imagine a computer that, like a ghost, decides to turn on by itself, every night. Yes, you read correctly. Each. Night.

As soon as I learned of this problem, my sysadmin instinct made me immediately suspect the motherboard. And, as is often the case, my intuition did not deceive me! It was an MSI X299 Raider which had a hidden option, called "RTC Wake Up Call S/4 S/5". This option, although present, was not found in the motherboard BIOS settings. Amazing, isn't it?

The key to this puzzle lay in a key combination: F6. Using this key one could access the optimized settings of the motherboard. And, surprise! When activating these settings, a message appeared indicating that the "RTC Wake Up Call S/4 S/5" was going to change from "Enable" to "Disable". So she was the one responsible for this computer waking up at night!

Without wasting time, I applied these optimized settings, hoping to put an end to this mystery. And how happy I was when I discovered that it had worked! No more accidental starting in the middle of the night.

This experience reminded me of the importance of having in-depth knowledge of the products we use, but also of always keeping a curious eye open to sometimes hidden solutions.< /p>

I hope you enjoyed this article and learned something useful. Please feel free to share your own amazing support experiences in the comments. See you soon on AlexIn.Tech!

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